The Carlsbad Station will be a transit-oriented, pedestrian friendly, residential and retail space located between State and Roosevelt, near the Carlsbad Village Train Station.  The concept is a walk, bike, ride concept that focuses on living and working in the same place.  The Village is the heart of the city with a small-town feel, making it a walk-able city makes sense.
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Carlsbad Station will  include a mixture of new homes, affordable housing and retail stores. It is still currently in the planning phase and public hearings will be held in the near future. If you have any questions or concerns about the plan you can contact them at
They are hoping to start construction early 2021.  The  project is subject to the Carlsbad General Plan, the Carlsbad Village Barrio Master Plan, and California building statutes
Carlsbad Station includes:

  • 67 for-sale, market-rate, luxury condominiums

  • 12 affordable residences for low-income residents

  • Roughly 10,000 square feet of retail and restaurants on both State and Roosevelt

  • Landscaped pedestrian promenade connecting Roosevelt and State Streets

  • Balconies and covered patios for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle

  • Rooftop deck for all residents

  • 143 subterranean parking spaces . 79 spaces will have EV charging capabilities (not just 3 charging stations as per current law)

  • 6 Public bicycle racks

  • 8 new public, on-street parking spaces


The Station will replace sidewalks, plant a number of trees, add lighting for ambiance and public safety.  The neighborhood will also include public bike racks and a landscaped pedestrian promenade. 

 The Carlsbad Village Train Station will be located across the street from the Carlsbad Village Train Station, which will promote using the train for transportation rather then driving.

The new residents of the Station will also have an additional underground parking garage that includes 143 spaces, as to not further impact the current Village parking situation. 

This project looks like a win-win for the Village:

  • The walk, bike, ride concept promotes alternative transportation methods.
  • Additional housing options in the Village
  • Underground parking facility
  • More retail options

For more information: Carlsbad Station FAQ
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