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The Best Culinary Experiences in Carlsbad, CA

The city of Carlsbad is home to just over 110,000 people and covers just under 40 square miles, a fraction of the size of nearby San Diego. But inside its relatively compact borders you’ll find a host of great experiences for all ages and preferences, including some of the best restaurants and food experiences in all of California.
If you find yourself in the city and are looking for some new culinary adventures, take a look at these options:
Carlsbad Village Food and Walking Tour
A walking tour is the best way to sample the sights, sounds, history, and culture of a town. Inject some delicious and local fare into the mix and you have the perfect tour!
That’s what the Carlsbad Village Food/Walking Tour offers. It’s a three-hour trek that takes you through the town’s best eateries and lets you sample food from over half a dozen different places.
You’ll hear stories about local celebrities and facts about the town’s culinary history, all while enjoying a comprehensive range of local cuisine. And don’t worry if you’re feeling a little tired at the end of the tour, as there is also a little wine tasting so you can reward yourself after all that walking!
Wine Tasting at Carruth Cellars
To sample the best Californian wines during your stay in Carlsbad, head for the Carruth Cellars Tasting Room. They are available for wine tastings 7-days a week and you can stop by at any time for a taste, a glass, or a bottle.
They offer free tastings to customers who purchase a few bottles and these tastings take place in a beautifully presented tasting room, complete with wall-to-wall wine bottles and barrels.
Strawberry Picking at the U-Pick
It’s not all grapes and wine in California. The state is also great for strawberries and grows some of the biggest, juiciest ones you’ll see. All these strawberries are ripe for the plucking at U-Pick Carlsbad Strawberry Company, just pay your entry free, grab your basket, load-up, and then off you go.
You can eat while you pick and there are some huge and deliciously sweet strawberries to harvest.
This is a fun activity for the kids, but it’s also a cheap way to grab your fair share of the harvest—perfect if you want to make some preserves, sauces, or just snack until your heart’s content.
Food and Wine at Witch Creek Winery
Witch Creek is a winery that combines the traditional with the modern and offers something a little different for fans of California’s favourite tipple. They don’t grow their own grapes here, but they do make their own wine and have a vast selection. You can enjoy these wines by the glass as you enjoy a bite to eat.
They have Mediterranean-inspired dishes available alongside their wine menu, with hummus, pitta breads, cheeses, cured meats, salads, and copious amounts of olives.
Carlsbad Village Farmers’ Market
The Carlsbad Farmers’ Market is a great way to get up-close-and-personal with the locals, to sample some of the local culture, and to buy lots of great food in the process. You can buy locally grown fruits and vegetables; eat meals cooked at the many stalls; and even buy fresh flowers.
Some of the gems of the Carlsbad Farmers’ Market are the Indian food, which is cooked fresh using the finest ingredients, and the barbecue, where you can sample freshly cooked meat and fish.
Make sure you get here early and give yourself a good few hours to experience everything. There are dozens of stalls, each as bountiful as the last, and there is more than enough here to keep you busy.

Bio—Nicky Sarandrea is a travel and health writer currently enjoying the Destin weather in one of his favourite haunts. When he’s not writing, Nicky can be found travelling across the United States, particularly in California and Florida.