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Three Tips for Eco-friendly Culinary Vacations

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Whether by enjoying fresh seafood on the shores of a Greek Island or in tasting unique flavors in the spice gardens of India, many people love to traverse the globe in search of new culinary delights. For the eco-conscious traveler, it can be challenging to find eateries that prioritize sustainability – but embarking on a gastronomic journey doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment.

Here, we will explore three top tips for finding eco-friendly dining options when on vacation.

Keep it local.

Whenever possible, it’s best to avoid chain restaurants when exploring novel places if you want an authentic culinary experience. These will rely on standard meals and are likely to use imported and lower-quality ingredients. Instead, seek out smaller cafes and eateries that use local and seasonal ingredients. By supporting local farmers, you will not only reduce the carbon footprint of your meals but also enjoy the freshest, most delicious produce. Taste the city like a local through a food tour. Culinary-focused travel excursions are more popular than ever, and there’s no better place to embark on an eating adventure then on your vacation.


Check that the restaurants you choose support sustainability by looking for certification to prove they use responsibly sourced seafood and meats. You could also look for immersive farm-to-table experiences, where you can connect with local farmers and learn about their sustainable practices whilst sampling their produce.

Explore farmer’s markets.

Food tourism is a fantastic way to experience the tastes of a country while connecting with people of new cultures. To maximize your chances of enjoying an authentic vacation, why not enroll yourself in a cooking workshop? In Bali, cooking classes are a popular way to learn new techniques and discover delicious new flavors using local ingredients.


Once you’ve learned some new skills, exploring the local farmer’s markets is a great way to find mouth-watering ingredients fresh from the surrounding landscape. Then, you can whip up your own culturally accurate meals back at your accommodation. This way you’ll be able to tantalize your taste buds whilst supporting your devotion to greener traveling.

Stay consistent.

What you eat on your journey is only a small part of keeping your trip eco-friendly – be sure not to skip over checking the eco-credentials of your accommodation and transportation options, too. Flying overseas is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, so wherever possible opt for a train, boat, or bus instead. Once you’ve arrived, choose a central location to set up base camp, where you can walk or cycle around the attractions of your destination.


Choose eco-friendly accommodation that prioritizes sustainability by using green energy, waste reduction initiatives and giving back to the local community. Again, you may be best to avoid larger chain hotels and opt instead for a smaller, family-run bed and breakfast to ensure your visit leaves as much of a positive impact as possible.

Set the standard.

Traveling the world whilst aligning your love for food with a commitment to sustainability is something well worth doing. Many countries rely heavily on tourism for their livelihoods, and whilst reducing our carbon footprint is important, supporting these communities is essential for them to continue to thrive. By doing your part to ensure every element of your vacation is as eco-friendly as possible, you are helping to set the standard for responsible tourism. And as more people look to learn about different cultures whilst also respecting the environment, we can all work toward a collaborative, sustainable future.

This post was written by Cherimarie Poulos aka Mrs. Carlsbad is the Owner and Founder of Carlsbad Food Tours.

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