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Carlsbad history

Carlsbad history is all about the water! Water has been an integral part of Carlsbad’s history starting with the early settlements. A Lagoon, a river, a mineral springs and an ocean is what Carlsbad’s story is all about.

1918 Pandemic in California

The Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918-1920 infected about one quarter of the world population, around 500 Million people.   I did however have a relatively low death rate at about 0.5%.  The influenza was actually misnamed and did not originate in Spain but was named so because it was the only country in Europe that acknowledged that they had an epidemic. The virus was brought by American soldiers during  World War I, then it mutated  and it was carried back to Europe, where it (re)infected more people. History repeats itself. There are very similar stories of the problems authorities had with supplies and also with deciding to limit the person-to-person contact. Mayors and Governors were criticized for not responding quickly, or for being too aggressive. Another debate was whether to use a mask or not! Read more about Carlsbad history of…

Original Structures in downtown Carlsbad Village

Original Structures in downtown Carlsbad Village – Carlsbad History 1. Alkaline Mineral Water Spa – Frazier’s Well / Alt Karlsbad 2802 Carlsbad Blvd. The original well was dug and housed by John Frazier in 1883; however, the current housing and Alt Karlsbad structure were built in 1964 by Kay and Chris Christiansen. John Frazier tapped…

The History Of The City Named For It’s Water Source

The History of a City Named for its Water Source Video: Carlsbad history