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Carlsbad alkaline mineral water

Carlsbad Alkaline Mineral Water

A Glass of Eden “Carlsbad’s Miracle Water”

Frazier’s Well / Alt Karlsbad             In 1883, Captain John Frazier tapped a mineral spring on his homestead in Carlsbad.  This water was found to be very similar in composition to the Bohemian spa water of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic or better known as Karlsbad.  In English, it is sometimes called also Carlsbad (after…

Local History of Carlsbad California “The Village By The Sea”

Local History of Carlsbad California The Village By The Sea: Carlsbad California is a coastal resort city in northern San Diego County.  Carlsbad extends along the Pacific Coast Highway with seven miles of scenic of beautiful beaches.  “The Village by the Sea” has a relaxed an old world-small town charm with rich local history. Local…

Tidbits of Carlsbad History – Carlsbad is all about the water

Carlsbad history is all about the water! Water has been an integral part of Carlsbad’s history starting with the early settlements. A Lagoon, a river, a mineral springs and an ocean is what Carlsbad’s story is all about. Carlsbad History – Luiseno Indian Tribe Carlsbad history begins with the Luiseño people who located one of…