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things to do in carlsbad village

10 More Reasons to be Jealous of Carlsbad

Carlsbad California

Do not be jealous!  It is not Carlsbad’s fault that it is such an incredibly fantastic place to live, work and play. Here is a list of 10 reasons that this little slice of paradise truly is where you want to be.   The Food Carlsbad Food Tours

Carlsbad “The Village by the Sea”: Discover Carlsbad’s old-world charm and luxury resorts

a street sign hanging off the side of a building

Carlsbad is in beautiful North County, San Diego.  It is a small coastal town between Oceanside & Leucadia. Carlsbad’s old- world flavor comes from its history.  Carlsbad was named after a famous spa in Karlstad, Bohemia, when in 1882 alkaline mineral water was discovered in the village. Resorts, Restaurants & Relaxation Carlsbad has 7 miles of…

Top Things to do in Carlsbad – in beautiful North County San Diego California

Top Things to do in Carlsbad Posted on July 22, 2017 | By Cherimarie Poulos  FUN THINGS TO DO IN CARLSBAD WITH KIDS Carlsbad California Author:  Cherimarie Poulos Carlsbad is a popular San Diego vacation destination with 7 miles of gorgeous sandy beaches, absolutely stunning especially at sunset….

Things to do in Carlsbad, CA Summer 2017

 Things to do in Carlsbad, CA Summer 2017 Carlsbad, California is an upscale coastal resort city with old-world charm in northern San Diego County. Carlsbad also has 7 miles of white sandy beaches that stretch down the Pacific coastline in northern San Diego County, California.  Carlsbad is a beach town because it touches the ocean, inlets and bays….

Christmas in Italy – Traditions to live by

  Christmas in Italy is a holy day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Christmas trees and nativity scenes presepe are often found adorning many homes.  Gifts are exchanged on Christmas eve and Holiday feast are prepared for Christmas day. The presepe or nativity scene is a reproduction of the scene of Jesus’ birth including the crib. …

Carlsbad Food Tours Holiday Walking Tours

Event: Carlsbad Food Tours Holiday Walking Tours Carlsbad Food Tours is a 3 hour guided holiday walking tour of the village with 8 stops at unique eateries, wine tasting and historical, cultural and architectural presentations.  Come and celebrate the holidays with us! A Taste of Carlsbad – Holiday walking tours Eat like a local! Carlsbad Food Tours…

Oh-soyummy Reviews Carlsbad Food Tour

carlsbad-food-tourcarlsbad-food-touroh-soyummy reviews carlsbad food tours Oh-soyummy reviews Carlsbad Food Tours Carlsbad Food Tour Submitted by lynn on Monday, October 26, 2015 – 11:16am. North County, San Diego, Carlsbad, media, Festivals and Events I’ve lived in San Diego for about 10 years now but still love discovering…

As seen on “Your Business Show” MSNBC – Carlsbad Food Tour Traffic is Working Up An Appetite with Local Businesses”

Carlsbad Food Tour Traffic: Working Up An Appetite For Local Businesses on MSNBC – Eat Like a Local! MSNBC As seen on “Your Business Show” MSNBC Carlsbad Food Tour Traffic Working Up An Appetite with Local Businesses”. Carlsbad Food Tours shares the best of Carlsbad’s locally sourced foods with our guests….

What is a Food Tour? Carlsbad Food Tours is a Culinary Walking Tour

What is a Food Tours: It’s a three hour cultural, architectural, and culinary walking tour through downtown Carlsbad Village.  We guide groups of 8-12 people through some of the tastiest stops in Carlsbad. We also stop at historical and cultural points of interest along the way. Slow down and appreciate the charming restaurants and boutiques…

Carlsbad Food Tours & Viator Making Tours Happen

  carlsbad-food-tours Savor the distinctive flavors of Carlsbad Village with a 3-hour food and walking tour of the scenic seaside gem. Carlsbad Food Tours & Viator Making Tours Happen – Get an insider’s look at the culinary scene, local history and landmarks as you explore with knowledgeable…

About Me – Cherimarie Poulos Owner of Carlsbad Food Tours

About Me – Cherimarie Poulos Owner of Carlsbad Food Tours – As a Small Business Owner, Nurse, and Mother of 4 beautiful daughters in Carlsbad, California, I live a very busy and productive live. My family is very important to me and I love them very much.  I also enjoy sharing my love of Carlsbad with…