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Food Tourism

Food tourism includes activities such as taking cooking classes; food tours; food festivals; specialty dining experiences, and visiting farmers markets.

Global Food Tourism Conference (GFTC) – Learn, Network, Savor & Celebrate

Global Food Tourism Conference (GFTC) – Learn, Network, Savor & Celebrate Food Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors internationally. Produced by Food Tour Pros, the Global Food Tourism Conference is the industry-leading conference platform for anybody that owns, operates or works at a Food & Culinary Tourism business. Including speakers and panelists from industry leaders from around the globe, join the GFTC for two action packed days filled with educational sessions, networking events and an unparalleled opportunity to learn and share with your Food Tourism colleagues from around the world. The GFTC will leave you and your team energized with actionable take-aways to help take your Food Tourism businesses, ventures and concepts to greater heights and profitability. We are looking forward to hosting GFTC 2017 in Montreal, Quebec October 16-17, 2017. More information about 2017 is…

What is Food Tourism – Taste Trekkers

Learn more :Taste Trekkers/Food-Tourism What is Food Tourism – Taste Trekkers? Food tourism (or “culinary tourism”) is simply a matter of traveling beyond your immediate neighborhood to find great food. Of course, the further you are willing to travel, the broader the your range of culinary experiences will be. Whether you’re heading to Italy for…