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Team Building Activities

7 Ideas for Team Building Activities for Team Bonding, Collaboration & Cooperation

Team Building Activities: Human Chain For: Team Bonding, Problem solving Communication, Cooperation What You’ll Need:Paper, pens, cones and clipboards Instructions: Team members are spread out in a line, consisting of several sections. The first person is shown a picture by the facilitator and must then tell the next person what it is. This continues until the last person receives the description. They must then attempt to recreate the picture. The aim is to try and match the original picture shown by the facilitator. This is a much bigger version of Chinese whispers, similar to Memory Lane. Scavenger Hunt  For: Collaboration Skills & Team Bonding What You’ll Need: Pen and paper Instructions: Classic team bonding game that you can do yourself! Split everyone into groups and make a list of fun things to find or do outside your office. Make it each team’s…