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Best Restaurants in North County San Diego


North County San Diego has some exceptional restaurants with amazingly talented chefs, Here is a list of some of the best of the best, just to give you a taste of what North County has to offer.  For more information: San Diego 101 Dining

Best Restaurants in North County San Diego:

Vigilucci’s Italian Restaurants

Vigilucci's Italian Restaurants

Vigilucci’s  Italian  Restaurants  are  now  celebrating  20  years,  Vigilucci’s  offers   authentic  Italian  recipes  from  Milan.  Roberto  Vigilucci  has  a  passion  for traditional  Italian  cuisine.  In  Italy  the  kitchen  is  the  center  gathering  spot  for  the family.  So, Roberto has many happy memories of childhood in Milano and the delicious Italian home cooking he enjoyed. Vigilucci’s has several locations in the San Diego region including 2 restaurants and a Gourmet Market in Carlsbad Village.

Caldo Pomodoro 

The “Hot  Tomato” creates  old  world  Sicilian  style  cuisine  with  specialty  pasta’s  and gourmet  pizza.    They  offer  a  fabulous  Cajun  Gorgonzola  cream  sauce  tossed   w/artichoke  hearts,  sun  dried  tomatoes  &  Cajun  seasonings  that  is  to  die  for.     Another  one  of  my  favorites  is  their  Baked  Artichoke  dip  with  lots  of  garlic,  cheese   and  olives,  yum!    However, let’s  not  forget  their  award  winning  garlic  bread,  that  has  won   the  award  of  “Best  Garlic  Bread  in  San  Diego”  for  many  years.


Gregorio’s Italian Restaurant

Gregorio’s  specialty  items  on  the  menu  include  traditional  Sicilian  style  Italian   cuisine.  They  also  offer  a  multitude  of  gluten  free  items  to  their  customers.    One of   my  favorite  things  on  the  menu  is  their  “Eggplant  Slider”.  Therefore, basically it is the Eggplant Parmesan  on  a  delicious  Hawaiian  bun.   Gregorio’s  owner  Greg  Nelson  is a  community  philanthropist.    As  a  boy  Greg   growing  up  in  Carlsbad,  Greg  used to go  to  the  local  Boys  and  Girls  Club  quite   frequently.  So, for  3  consecutive  years, Greg  gave  all  the  earnings  from  the  restaurant   to  the  “Boys  and  Girls  Club”.


Cicciotti’s Trattoria 

Cicciott's Tratoria Italiana & Seafood

Cicciotti’s is casual Italian dining cooked by a Published Author & Chef Gaetano Cicciotti. Cicciotti’s Trattoria serves classic Italian pasta like fettuccine Alfredo which you might find in Italian restaurants.  But you won’t find Italian restaurants that cook fresh Italian food the way Gaetano Cicciotti does.



Campfire’s menu is based around its two 48″ round grills that will cook up locally-sourced and sustainable meat and seafood as well as seasonal veggies all in the name of Argentinian barbecue. However, Campfire offers a nostalgic, modernist take on camping culture in its communally-inclined, 185-seat indoor/outdoor space, which includes a 25-seat copper bar and a kid-friendly custom teepee.

Bringing fresh heat to the North County dining landscape is Campfire.


  Paon Restaurant & Wine Bar 

Chef  David  Gallardo’s  spotlights  organic  prime  meats,  game  and  fish  prepared  with  traditional  French  sophistication.    Paon  Restaurant  offers  French-­‐‑Californian  cuisine,  an  “excellent  wine  list”  and  “top-­‐‑notch”  service  in  a  “romantic”  Art  Deco   setting  that  is  perfect  for  special  occasions.


Vivace Park Hyatt Aviara 


Vivace is a AAA Four-Diamond restaurant that offers a vibrant dining scene, serving a fresh and innovative Italian cuisine.  But, Vivace has a sleek, modern, contemporary atmosphere to relax and enjoy delicious food and great wine. However, the word Vivace means “alive” in Italian and that is what Vivace offers in a farm to table environment with seasonal favorites. So come & enjoy a romantic dinner by the fireplace in the winter or outside on the patio in the summertime. website


West Steak & Seafood 

West Restaurant

West  Steak  and  Seafood  is  known  for  its  authentic  farm-­to-­table  approach,  sourced  from  the  restaurant’s privately owned three-acre farm, located close to the restaurant. West specializes in USDA  prime  steak,  chops  and   fresh  seafood.    Executive  Chef David  Abella  was  born  and  raised  in  Honolulu,  Hawaii, started  his  career  with  Roy Yamaguchi  of  Roy’s  Restaurants  and  worked  as  their   Executive  Chef  for  over  20 years.  Abella  incorporates  the  Euro-­‐‑Asian  influence  into   his  creations  at  West Steak  and  Seafood.


Windmill Food Hall

Carlsbad Windmill

The long awaited Windmill Food Hall has finally arrived in Carlsbad after approximately one year in the making.  It is a 12,000-square-foot dining and entertainment venue.  James Markham is the owner & founder of this fabulous new foodie adventure.  The food hall has 14 different food vendors with a wide variety of unique eats.  Markham is known for inventing food trends in San Diego.  One of his inventions is the sushi burrito which is offered in his new all day breakfast venue “Crackhead” in downtown Carlsbad Village.

The Windmill Food Hall is a place to showcase different and unusual food, like his doughballs pizza. Here is a list of restaurants that will be offered in the Windmill:

Cross Street Chicken & Beer

Bing Haus Desserts

Friend’s House

El Puerto


The Fry Fix

Mesteeso Brazilian Coffee Co.

The Poke Stand

Lobster West

Thai Style

Doughballs Pizza

District 1 Pho

RJ’s Sizzlin’ Steer

Carlsbad Windmill

Some of our favorites included:

  • Lobster Bisque and Lobster Rolls from Lobster West
  • Poke bowl from Poke Stand
  • Banana Rolled Ice Cream from Bing Haus Desserts
Banana mixed with vanilla base topped with chocolate drizzle, strawberries, and whipped cream
If you are looking for something deliciously different in every way, look no further than the Windmill Food Hall.  It has something for everyone in your party.  Come and enjoy a relaxed fun atmosphere with tasty bites.


Clara is one of the best new restaurants in the Carlsbad, one block from the beach. Because, Clara is the Spanish word for “clear,” it describes the pureness of the food; locally sourced, seasonal California fresh delights. Many of chef Carballo’s dishes are vegetable-based master pieces. Therefore some favorites are their cauliflower tacos and beet crusted flatbread. Carballo prefers the natural flavors of food over heavy cream sauces.

Beside delicious food, Clara also has some of the most original and tasty cocktails.  The inspiration for the bar comes from Seth Marquez a local talent form Campfire & Sycamore Den.

Carlsbad Village Faire, Suite 212, 300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Carlsbad. (760) 994-0699. For more information:


Park 101

New Eats in Carlsbad – Dining and Drink Concept, Park 101 Carlsbad is the new hip hangout in the Village.

Park 101 is Carlsbad’s unique answer to community dining, lounging, and sipping in style in the heart of the Village. There is something for everyone at the multi-level, plaza-style complex.   You’ll certainly want to stay and soak up the atmosphere at Park 101.

This brave new concept, located right on Coast Highway 101, promises to literally change the landscape. It isn’t just a restaurant or a bar or a park. Instead it is a gathering place that’s a little bit of all three.


Chandler’s Oceanfront Dining

Chandler's Oceanfront Dining

Local, Coastal, Unexpected Carlsbad Dining!

Relish in farm-to-table cuisine handcrafted with a fresh and flavorful approach at our ocean view restaurant in Carlsbad, Chandler’s Restaurant and Lounge. Our long-time favorites, ranging from apps to desserts, have been reinvented with upscale ingredients to offer a sense of coastal California in every bite. Ocean views served complimentary.

Chandler’s Restaurant 1 Ponto Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011  USA +1 760.602.0800


Jeune et Jolie

jeune jolie

Owner John Resnick and Chef Andrew Bachelier opened Jeune et Jolie, a nouvelle French restaurant just a block north of their first restaurant, Campfire, in Carlsbad Village. The name Jeune et Jolie come from their daughters, 4-year-old Elsie June Resnick and 15-month-old Margot Jolie Bachelier. The restaurant specializes in delicious french style food.

For more information check out our friends at: San Diego 101 Dinning