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culinary fit

Culinary Fit – Healthy Eating with Carlsbad Food Tours

Culinary Fit – Healthy Eating with Carlsbad Food Tours. Eat seasonal, local, vegetarian healthy food tastings. Rev up your metabolism through a culinary experience that breaks down the principles of nutrition through education, applies hands-on learning through experiencing one of our local food tours. Here are the top 10 reasons “Why going on a food tour can be a healthy lifestyle choice”. It is a walking tour – 2 – 2.5 miles round trip Walking is a step in the right direction as they say.  Make a healthy decision and go on a walking tour.  Walking is the most popular physical activity among adults.  Taking a walk is low cost and doesn’t require any special clothes or equipment.  Walking lowers your risk of health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.  It also strengthens your bones and muscles.  Walking can…